I am a Life Coach trained by Robbins/Mandanes to use Strategic intervention to change lives.  Over 20 years ago Tony Robbins helped me change my life and I  have used and taught  his techniques for many years.

At the age of 8,  I was “Called” to help people by Source, I AM, Jehovah, or whatever you know the spirit of GOD as.

At  the age of 14,  I was the one  that friends came to asking their “life questions” of,  for wise counsel.

At  the age of 21,  I was a psychiatric Aide in Florida state Hospital.

At the age of 42, I became an ordained minister.

At the age of 67,  I am  a life coach here for YOU to ask your  “life  questions” of.

Where do you want to be?   What do you want?   What do you need?   I can help you,  Please, call right now or email me to get you going towards YOUR  fulfilled  tomorrow!

PRICING:                                FIRST SESSION          FREE! 

AS YOU GO… 1 hour session.  $200.00   First hour is still Free.

LEVEL I…   12 sessions over 3 months.   $1,595.00

LEVEL II…  6 sessions Bi- weekly over 3 months.  $799.00

LEVEL III… 3 group sessions.  2 per month over 3 months.  $150.00

 ( Ask about $liding $cale.)


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