Welcome to your gateway to a new life.

What is it we need to know to have a happy, content and fulfilled life?  How do we get to there from here?  One of the first things we need is to know where we want to go to.   When Alice, asked the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland, “Which road should I take?  The cat asked,” Where do you want to go?  When Alice replied, ‘I don’t know.”  The cat replied, “Well then, it does not matter.”  

So it is with us.  You must have an end in mind.  A goal, a vision of where you want to be,  who you want to be.  What you want your life to look like, feel like, taste and smell like.  The more of your 5 senses you use to be there (where ever “there” is for YOU.)  the better.  This is NOT  the where your significant others want you to be… but YOU want to be.  You have found the place to start as a life coach will guide you.  Now that you have taken the first step to your new life… finding the starting place.   Then the  next step is to Email or call so we can get to the specific questions and answers that apply to YOU.  It is free, good for you, and you are under no obligation.  What do you feel is holding you back?  If you had a magic wand what does your life look like?

Please call (317)  679-0633or email : FulfillmentResources@gmail.com…You will glad you did!


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