Variety is the Spice of Life

As your life coach I would like you to know that you have Universal Needs.  Variety is one of six that you, me, and the tribesmen in the darkest realms of Africa NEED.  We can get our needs met in good ways and bad.  A young man in “The Hood”  comes up and pulls a gun on someone.  Is he getting variety?  What will happen next? It is exciting but is this the best way to get this uncertainty or variety met?  How about you?   How are you getting this universal need met?  Good ways or bad?  Take the time to think of a good way to get this need met.  What can you do easily?  Eat a different food, take a different road home. Walk a trail in the woods you have never taken? What ideas come to your mind?   Call: ( 317 )  6 7 9 – 0 6 3 3.


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