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What is it we need to know to have a happy, content and fulfilled life?  How do we get to there from here?  One of the first things we need is to know where we want to go to.   When Alice, asked the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland, “Which road should I take?  The cat asked,” Where do you want to go?  When Alice replied, ‘I don’t know.”  The cat replied, “Well then, it does not matter.”  

So it is with us.  You must have an end in mind.  A goal, a vision of where you want to be,  who you want to be.  What you want your life to look like, feel like, taste and smell like.  The more of your 5 senses you use to be there (where ever “there” is for YOU.)  the better.  This is NOT  the where your significant others want you to be… but YOU want to be.  You have found the place to start as a life coach will guide you.  Now that you have taken the first step to your new life… finding the starting place.   Then the  next step is to Email or call so we can get to the specific questions and answers that apply to YOU.  It is free, good for you, and you are under no obligation.  What do you feel is holding you back?  If you had a magic wand what does your life look like?

Please call (317)  679-0633or email : FulfillmentResources@gmail.com…You will glad you did!


What are you looking for? Do you wonder why have you not done what you have been wanting to do?

Sometimes we get stuck in  a one way of thinking. We ask why?   Why did that happen to me?  Why can’t I ever get things to go right? Why?  Perhaps it is the question that needs to change, for you to change, and thus change your life forever.  What we focus on  tends comes about.   So let me help you look at some different questions that will change your focus.  Who should you  communicate with first?   Perhaps it is Yourself.  Once you know “what” you want and “why” you want it and it meets your needs,  you are on a path that pulls you rather than pushes you to a compelling future.  As always, we can continue in private please call:

( 317) 679-0633 for you first chat.

It is free!

After all, nothing ventured,  nothing is gained.

Welcome to Fulfillment Resources


In our Strategic Intervention Coaching, you will receive and you will learn how to achieve greater happiness, success, and better relationships.  All packages will focus on Strategic Intervention, Mega Strategies, Navigating Life Stages, Personal Transformation, and Key Decisions. You will learn through doing, discussing, listening, and keeping a journal.  We like to empower our clients by using every learning modality.  Both one-on-one and group coaching are available.


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Life is like a long and winding road.

Just start.  That is right!  Just by doing what you are doing right now is a step in the right direction.  You are starting to search for the answers and you are at the right place.  As a life coach, I will guide you along your way.  Each journey starts with the first step.  Now for the second step down that winding road using subtle decisions and changes of Strategic Intervention… lets straighten that  road you are on.

Call  or email me and

phone: (317) 679-0633

email:  FulFillmentResources@gmail.com.

 It is free and there is no obligation.

Just by making small and subtle changes today  you will make a profound difference in the person you are and life of your future… Start today!  To Quote my Mother, “You are now becoming who you are to be.”

              “Communication is the key to life, love and  that pursuit of happiness.” – Dian Clay

 Many  people believe that they know what will make them happy.  That Mr. Right or Mrs.Right.   WOW!  That Cinderella fantasy we have heard since a child will fulfill me.  Each in our head became that handsome charming prince or that lovely charming princess. Perhaps, for you it is a belief that as soon  I get  this, that is what will fulfill me.  That the day I drive that, fill in the blank, then I will be HAPPY!  Happiness or fulfillment is a different way than you imagine.   It is very hard to see one’s own blind spot.  However, I do have  many ways to help you see and know yours and together we can build a  more healthy, wealthy and more fulfilled way of being.  I have a vision to help as many as I can have a most empowered and thriving life possible.. Please communicate to me what  time we can get together for a chat.

 First  chat is on me… is Free!  PHONE: (317) 679-0633

 So, when I  have helped you, you come back for more, and if you do not need more  we have ended with a new friend.

My talents  are for relationship coaching. Helping people understand the different levels of love and learn how to find love easily..Also, I enjoy  help you  exploring the road to success in  day to day living plans.

To learn who, how, and why of good communication … Call (317) 679-0633

or Email at: FulfillmentResources@gmail.com.

Are You Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places?

In today’s fast paced world we want love and we want it now.  We do dating sites, Speed dating and staying in unfulfilling relationships.  But those will not solve your need for love.  There are 3 levels of love and you are at the right place to not only find out about them but also how to make someone fall-in- love with you in 30 minutes and more importantly how to love yourself and attract the right person.  Please call or email  to get you on the Fast Track to the love you deserve.

Phone: (317) 679- 0633

Email: FulfillmentResources@gmail.com

Food for Thought

How is the world treating YOU?  Is your cup half full or half empty?  Did you realize  that you “Created” in that moment?  When you,spoke to you,and gave that answer to your self you created that world.  Each pattern of thought  makes your view of the world.  Creates your moment, day, week, month, year,and life by what you think about?
As a life coach I would like to ask you,”Just what are you thinking about?”  What food of thought are you eating?  Good thoughts or negative?  I see a great future for you!

I am listing  call me (317) 679-0633   ask for Dian!

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What are you feeding yourself?  Not the  breakfast or lunch you had today, but the thoughts you’re thinking?  If you are feeding your mind with low uninspiring or worse negative thoughts how could you have a happy uplifting  moment?   minute?   Or day?   Feed yourself well .  Let me help you  get on a better diet.  Call or email me now. (317) 679-0633

Variety is the Spice of Life

As your life coach I would like you to know that you have Universal Needs.  Variety is one of six that you, me, and the tribesmen in the darkest realms of Africa NEED.  We can get our needs met in good ways and bad.  A young man in “The Hood”  comes up and pulls a gun on someone.  Is he getting variety?  What will happen next? It is exciting but is this the best way to get this uncertainty or variety met?  How about you?   How are you getting this universal need met?  Good ways or bad?  Take the time to think of a good way to get this need met.  What can you do easily?  Eat a different food, take a different road home. Walk a trail in the woods you have never taken? What ideas come to your mind?   Call: ( 317 )  6 7 9 – 0 6 3 3.

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